About Us

We are the Pompoms,  a family of four penguins! We are so close and always love to be together. 

I love eating and sleeping a lot. My wife is a loving mother and she is outstanding in the kitchen! At the same time, she is smart and resourceful, I am so in love with her! 

Our son is playful and energetic. He cannot stand still, always playing one sport or the other. Baby Pompom, is the tiniest and cutest member of our family. Not to praise my own daughter, but she is so smart.   Finally, there is another indispensable member of our family: Familia!   Familia is a global tissue brand used in more than 60 countries across the world. It is produced in Turkey, Russia, Iran, Egypt and now Nigeria!  You can trust Familia’s quality because it is a brand of Hayat Kimya, a company which was awarded the "Best R&D Center” in Turkey in 2015 and which is the largest tissue producer in the Middle East, Balkans and Eastern Europe.

Hayat Kimya is also the maker of high quality Molfix baby diapers, currently Nigeria’s strong number 2 diaper brand and still growing rapidly.

Familia is produced and packaged in Hayat Kimya’s high capacity, fully-automated, state-of-the-art plant and Familia tissues are manufactured with 100% pure and top quality cellulose blends, delivering toilet papers in your bathroom and paper towels in your kitchen.

Familia is committed to provide the best hygiene for your family with our high quality and products offered at affordable prices making us the 'Smart Choice of the Family'!

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Familia Kağıt Havlu, özel kanallı yapısı ile ultra emicidir. Dayanıklı dokusu sayesinde dağılmaz, parçalanmaz. Üstelik buçuk yaprağı ile ekonomik kullanım sağlar!

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  • Familia Tuvalet Kağıdı
  • Familia Renkli Kokulu Tuvalet Kağıdı

Tuvalet Kağıdı

Sapien elit in malesuada semper mi, id sollicitudin urna fermentum.

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